Technology in Utah

Up before sunrise and gone before the sun can come up over the hill. We slept in spot 21. Sparky skipped breakfast and I had powdered donuts. The thermometer in Baker is called Big Boy next to the restaurant of the same name. We will drive through Nevada, hike to the Virgin muddy river in Arizona, and up into Utah where we will visit the Cove Fort – a place meant for war, but the only gun ever fired was a boy who shot his brother in the knee.

It now has a strong connection with the Church of Ladder Day Saints as the founder was the one that built the fort. I learned that the girls used their hair in pin cushions to keep their steel pins from rusting. We got to see a gun that gets loaded in the butt, a beautiful antique loom, a large cooking stove with lots of dishes, and plenty of warm beds. Outside was an ice-house, barn, a bunk house, and a few others with a view of the garden and the mountains.

horse-powered hay stacker – Cove Fort

Subway for dinner and sunset on the road. We covered over 400 miles today and ended up at the Timpanogos Cave National Monument where we will take a tour of the cave after a lovely morning hike. We are set up near a bridge that goes over a creek. Falling asleep to running water – that I don’t have to pay for will be great. We left home at 70 degrees and I’m writing this in 45 degrees. Caleb is still in shorts and we shall see if the snow further north changes that.

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2 Responses to Technology in Utah

  1. Doctor Quack says:

    Assuming Baker, CA, I have a soft spot in my heart for Baker. Perhaps it’s the nearby Zzyzx Road and the Soda Dry Lake, or the stunning topography of the Mojave Preserve, through which Kelbaker Road passes on its way from Baker to the middle of nowhere.


  2. MOM says:

    He’s hot enough to melt the snow.


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