A Weekend at the Coronado Art Walk

Caleb had to work on Saturday. I rode my bike to the Market in 96 degrees and I wasn’t the only one riding my bike that day. Some were practicing for races, some out with their kids, and others renting bikes as tourists to see the area. Most of the artists were very nice. They encouraged me to take pictures, even more to buy their work, and took the time to discuss their motivations and techniques. I spent the afternoon there and returned with the car to pick up a painting by Pete Buchan.

I returned on Sunday with Caleb to look around. He liked some clay dishes, a shiny paper weight, and a lot of paintings and collaborated mediums – metal, canvas, and wood. All this looking around made us hungry so we stopped into Village Pizzeria where the service is always friendly. We ordered some cold drinks and a hot 14” mediterranean pizza – olives, onions, artichokes, spinach, and cheese. Today’s temps were cooler, the streets fuller of people and cars, and a special kind of atmosphere found in the relaxing neighborhood that is Coronado – kind people, good food, and nice weather.

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Other artists not pictured here include:
Maria Counts – ceramics
David Tyrone Villa – oil painting
Demetrios Christo – photography
Michael Slattery – photography
David Salk – feats of clay
Sue Britt – paper tapestry
Justin Coopersmith – mixed media
Stitches From the Heart – non-profit org.

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