A Beachy Birthday

Huzzah! Another trip around the sun for me! I’m gifted with dinner, cake, camera gadgets –  memory cards and a remote control from the husband, some friendly conversation from the locals, and a yellow whistle. I woke up with no one to cook me breakfast, so Cheerios it was. I felt like making a video and decided to film myself dyeing my hair. I had it all planned out in my mind, but the result was horribly different. I lost the first half of the film uploading into Lightroom and got more pink Splat all over my hands, neck, face, and bathroom than what stayed in my hair – for failure to use petroleum jelly.

I went to get my neighbor, Dan, to go to the Command Picnic with me since Caleb had duty. He noticed purple and brown hair, a purple neck, and purple fingers – perhaps the bleach would’ve brought out the pink more. I thought we would be too early, but the traffic near the base, commissary, NEX, and Mariner’s Park ensured we showed up at 11:24 am, and the Evite said 11:30. Things I didn’t participate in while there – bounce house, hot dogs and burgers, face painting, and tug-o-war. Things I did do – eat apple Newtons and fresh watermelon, and talk with some of the guys that work for Caleb. We left hours early.

a hungry minion on Caleb’s lackey

I dropped him off at home and headed to the beach with my GoPro for some underwater video. The water was too cold for me, so I walked on the jetty and worked my way down to the water trying to avoid stepping on clams, oysters, rocks, moss, crabs, and all other pointy and slippery things found on rocks in the ocean during low tide. I was watching the crabs move about and was greeted by a small voice. Nathan is over 2 years old and asks me to grab a crab for him. I tried, but they were too fast for both of us.

18-ft surfer statue “The Spirit of Imperial Beach” at Triangle Park

Nathan had no problem running in the shallow waves on the sand, but laying down in the cool water almost proved to be too much. He was quickly joined by his dad – busy making sure his kid doesn’t get washed out to sea. We spent some time chatting and pointing out crabs for Nathan to see. We watched the seagulls drop shells on the beach trying to open them. Nathan told me to get off the rocks and join him in the water. I went up and around to more shallow water as I had yet to remove my shoes.

Nathan’s energy outlasted mine and I decided to drive up to Coronado. I’m used to riding my bike along the same route and it felt wrong to go so fast in the car. Bike speed 8-16 mph and speed limit for cars – 65 mph. While at the Coronado Ferry Landing I met the Pigeon Whisperer. She visits everyday as personal therapy and to help her friend with physical therapy. She is able to hold the birds and has named some of them and sometimes brings bread – all the tourists are doing it!

I continued walking and passed others enjoying the area – eating, swimming, dancing, reading, cycling, jogging, and taking pictures of it all to share with friends and family via social media. I took pictures of boats, buildings, and bubbles. I met Roger who made bubbles, the size of small children, and watched the smiles they brought as they floated over into the bay. Some didn’t make it that far as Roger encouraged kids to chase and pop them. He recently learned this skill from a friend and is still working on the best recipe for bigger, not too heavy so they float better, bubbles. Roger is open for weddings and birthdays and can be found doing shows in Coronado and the Gaslamp District. He is also working on a way to put people in a bubble – a popular request.

I went home to check for birthday messages and eat some dinner, a mango, before my next venture. Caleb woke early to sing me Happy Birthday before work and then called me later. My mom called and my grandma messaged me. If you are wondering why there was a lack of incoming messages, it’s because I don’t advertise my birthday on Facebook anymore. A call, a card (or e-message to save trees), or cookies are better than a mere Facebook notification. With millions of apps and reminders for everything, a simple “happy birthday” is just not personal enough.

I made my way back to the beach for some sunset photos (minus the sun) and most of the color which made it easier to practice taking photos with longer exposures. I stayed for over an hour – talked with some and watched others. One guy recently quit smoking and is eating to cope and running to help keep his weight down. I left when the sound of children took over the sound of waves. At home, I would take many a “duck-face” photo – that will not be made public and most will be deleted before settling down in my comfy office chair – my favorite spot in the house.

20sec, f/11, 30mm, ISO 3200

Do I feel older? No. Do I look older? Not yet, but I do have more freckles. Do I act older? Sometimes I feel 17, other times I feel 40, and occasionally I feel 80 – not physically, but by my attitude and actions. I think age is an arbitrary number – something people throw out trying to better describe themselves or use as an excuse when maturity happens in many forms at different life stages that can’t be pinpointed by an exact number.

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5 Responses to A Beachy Birthday

  1. I think you have a very good point there, Mr. Klug! Thanks for the thoughtful comment.


  2. Hey, I just got back from a trip. My email is on my about page if you still need a photographer. Let me know!


  3. Doctor Quack says:

    I’ve got to say, San Diego has one of the best skylines in the USA.


  4. Happy Birthday Jessica! Yea, maturity comes in many forms…well put….na-na-nana. I hope you had a great time! If yo uaren’t doing anything next week we could really use an underwater photographer…if you’re not busy..


  5. Johannes Klug says:

    And then there’s this whole ‘your dad’ thing. Like what happened to him wishing you birthday greetings? Does he ever remember on the date of your actual birthday, or does it just blow by like his head is somewhere up his butt; don’t go looking up Goatse to get ideas on how something like that becomes ever more possible? It’s tragic when someone get’s updates via email telling them a week or more in advance that someone possibly important to them, has a birthday coming up. Just how much does it take to make a note of that and then act on it when that day rolls around? Does anyone forget Jesus’s birthday, or the Easter Bunny, or when Turkey’s came into existence on Thanksgiving day? Heck no, because those are holidays, and to a parent their child’s birthday should have the same gravity, the same heavy weight and importance of a holiday – that is unless said parent just doesn’t give a fuck. Well maybe it’s not that extreme, maybe every day is that celebration of their child’s existence, maybe the care every day, maybe they are having daily thoughts about the well being of their offspring. I mean, they probably aren’t, but hey, they could be. Maybe they are caught up in a myriad of details regarding hectic issues they are dealing with and the passing and observation of any particular date just feels like a relic of an archaic custom that was maybe once useful to a primitive people who hadn’t evolved yet to recognize the delight found everyday. A birthday? That’s mundane, we all have one, we most all feel neglected when one who should be close to us, forgets it. That’s too bad, as real days of celebration should be when we have truly accomplished something meaningful, like helping kids at the beach catch crabs, or gently lifting an injured pigeon showing it that we don’t all hate them. Being able to ride our bike is celebration, having the determination to share our thoughts and stories with others in the hope we are encouraging them to think about their own story, that is a special day. So with so many reasons to celebrate a day, why does the recognition of the day we came into existence really hold any meaning at all? Today is the day to extol grand happiness that we are alive and human, that we can do amazing things and be recognized in our compassion, curiosity, and sincerity every day of our lives. Since when did we reduce the celebration of the individual to a once yearly event? Happy day, every day!


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