Good Bye

A Poem by Jason Stephens

Well the end is here and it’s time to say goodbye;
Time for farewell hugs, and all the girls to cry,
But we aren’t just in class, it’s a talent show,
With Coach Line as our teacher who knows what all will go.

First I come to Cristal who is quiet yet unique,
And it is her trademark how softly  she can speak,
Kristina is the second I will speak about,
Whose cunning wit and words makes us want to shout.

Next I come to Shasta, the tough one of the crowd,
Who always works her best to make her coaches proud,
Savannah is the odd one, so different from the rest,
And when her mind is set she’ll always do her best.

Josh Call is our cameraman, the taper of our crew,
When I couldn’t zoom he showed me what he knew,
Josh Salas is the artist, in way more ways than one,
And the times we have in algebra are nothing short of fun.

Now I come to Mindy, the skitzo of the class,
With all her quirky features who knows if she will pass,
Now we talk of Maci, the prideful one of us all,
Who will never miss a chance to take a sale out at the mall.

On we move to Billie, an interesting piece,
Whose culture clashes with me will surely never cease,
The one who sat by my side, her name is Ashley Womack,
Always when around her I chose to watch my back.

Jessica Terry is the one I didn’t get to know,
But I’ll write about her in the talent show,
Jessica Wise is the one with whom I fought before,
I want to thank her for all the anger she let me pour.

Next I talk of Junior, the hunter in the ruff,
When it comes to guns he knows all the greatest stuff,
Brandon Hensley has the most creative mind,
A more bemusing person I’m sure I’ll never find.

Brandon Larson is the other hunter in our wake,
Who when offered an opportunity he will surely always take,
Danielle is the sweet one who stays all by herself,
Like a good book waiting on the shelf.

Caren is the independent who’s surely never shy,
She always tells us all she’ll never speak a lie,
Chris is the one who always wants to talk,
And if I need a listener to him I’ll surely walk.

Ashley Lange is the last one, from the rest she’s set apart,
Because of all the times she showed me she really had a heart,
Coach Line was my teacher, from her I learned the way,
To express all my feelings, each and every day.

So to my different class, I say my last goodbye,
And thankfully I promised myself that I wouldn’t cry.

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