The Hour Long Road Trip

We started this trip Apr. 14th with the simple plans of heading north up Hwy 395, possibly to Alaska. We had to be back by May 8th. The car was packed with a bag each and two coolers. We brought coats and shorts; fresh veggies and s’mores. We set out after noon and were soon lost. We agreed to stay off major highways (more than one-lane traffic) unless needed or obligated, so your guess is as good as mine as to how, after a couple of hours of driving, we ended up in Fallbrook.

I thought the town was quaint, but it was the purple Vacuums store that made me stop and the Retro Candy & Toys that made me stay. At this point we didn’t realize we were lost. The owner is friendly and we talked about our trip. We mention 395 and tell him this store is the best part yet. Now I know why he was willing to take the compliment but not believe it. He thought we were headed home south from 395, and we had yet to reach it. We buy an assortment of chocolate, fudge, and hard candy to add to the snack box.

When we saw the ocean we knew something was wrong. Caleb is really good with a map but California can be conservative with their road signs or just confusing. Maybe I was the one confused. We tried to use the GPS to get us in the right direction, but turned it off when we get tired of being told to turn left onto I-5. Then there was a fork in the road, construction, more u-turning, and finally we were seeing trees and mountains again. We drove through Temecula and the place is thriving with vehicles and pedestrians.

We arrive at Silverwood Lake in San Bernardino around 8:30p. We slow down for what looks like a small group of people on a night tour. Later these people will be performing loud activities – walking, music, campfire. We settle at spot 29, struggle to keep the fire lit, and then join the dogs in the tent. It takes a while for my feet to warm up, but soon our first day of travel is done and the dogs are as anxious as us to see this park in the light.

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