A Summary of Pythons, Packing, and Pictures

Since my keyboard went anti-type on me I made a list of things to write about and was going to take pictures too; the list was long and the pictures lacking. Caleb took me to work to ‘show me off’ (meaning: pile an 8-ft python and her four 3-ft babies on me and watch a guy at work cringe). I told the guy to get revenge on Caleb he could bring in spiders, but at the mention of such the guy almost left in fear.

(*Note: the pythons are real and are well-loved pets of a co-worker)

The next day I was making sure the dogs were washed, trimmed, and medicated (against heart worm and fleas) before I set out on the road. Sparky prefers his teeth to be messed with and Piggy’s nails are easier to clean than her teeth, but she hates both processes. Sparky flinched while I was clipping his nail and it started to bleed. I held some toilet paper on it for a while and then let him go. An hour later he comes up to me and his nail is bleeding. I rush him to the doctor, “He is bleeding to death!” They put some styptic powder on it (has pain reliever in it) and told me next time to use flour – thanks. Wait, is there going to be a next time?

Time to get rid of things we will not be keeping: plants – because there will not be space or safety to transport them; couch – because ‘it likes Florida weather;’ shower curtain – because it’s becoming holier than thou; broken dresser – seems to be a theme with us. Our neighbor will assume that since our plants are gone we have moved and other residents will introduce their stray cats to us and then notice we are leaving. We receive a good-bye note from the apartment office, not directed at us, but at the building with disturbing amounts of trash and dog shit. So excited to be leaving!

I still need to make a post about what I will be taking with me, but a free night at the Cummer Museum and Gardens sounds like a better idea and something Caleb can enjoy too. Some installations are the same and soothing in their own way, but we are in luck tonight as there is an Asian exhibit and store; works from Monet, Renoir, and Munch; and a fun crowd in the hands-on section. I get excited at familiar works by Gustave De Jonghe and Joseph DeCamp, but bummed that the gardens are closed – it is dark out though and time to go home.

"One day I am satisfied, the next day I find it all bad, still I hope that someday I will find some of them good..." - Monet

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