A 2011 Mazda Tribute for Valentine’s Day

for lack of a better auto picture

Caleb has been in the mood for a new car since the day we bought our Hyundai. He wants vintage models, an off-road jeep, a truck with a large tow bed, a hybrid with great gas mileage, and a sports car. I was able to delay the process a few years and finally folded. Our car was over 100,000 miles and paid off – seems to be doomed soon to me. He searched online for a few days and made his top choices. Now it was up to me to pick the one I liked most.

We went to the Ford dealership to look at their Escape Hybrid but I didn’t like the way the seat felt or the price. We went to CarMax to test-feel some more seats and I was set on a Mazda – I missed my Mazda Protege. Caleb had to go to Cocoa Beach the next day so we decided I would drive down to Tampa, sell our car to the dealership, and buy their only 2011 Mazda Tribute colored steel-blue. It feels good going into a dealership knowing what you want and how much you’re going to pay, but it was a nice surprise to get such a low-interest rate.

Being the only customer there on their training day – learning how to use iPad’s to show commercials, fill out surveys, and set up a warranty page to the customers – I was the center of attention while waiting for Caleb to show up and co-sign the papers – it is his job paying for it. One of the guys drew me a picture to put in my new window. I got to test drive it and drive it off the lot with 90 miles on it. After we signed the papers, Caleb and I, went to dinner at a local diner and then went our separate ways.

I smiled all the way home. I enjoy the driving height of the car. I like the auto-headlight feature, the back window wiper, the very adjustable driver seat, the tight steering, the fold-down seats, the exterior color, but wouldn’t mind getting better gas mileage – that’s another reason I ride my bicycle. I made it 50 miles before the first bug hit my windshield. The car now has over 5,000 miles on it and plenty of bugs have made their mark, but one stood out as artistic and Caleb was able to capture the moment.

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