Mountainous Munching

actual weight may vary

It started out as one cheerio, one dried cranberry, or one almond. It ended up being handfuls of fruit-nut mix. One or two chips turned into crumbs at the bottom of the bag. A pizza left only Parmesan cheese crumbles to be remembered by. A bottle of water turned into a bottle of juice, Gatorade, and a coffee. Perhaps I’ll buy a piece of chocolate or I’ll just buy a few king-size bars. And then we will finish it off with some flavored nuts. We usually do good on trips to not gain weight because we are busy with other things.

We usually travel in warm weather and we need food to burn to keep our bodies warm. Caleb packed a sweater each and his coat for emergency weather; he grabbed the dogs’ jackets on the way out. I wore the coat once and used food to keep warm instead. The dogs ran to keep warm and always seem to lose weight on trips regardless. This trip would be no different for them. But the scale numbers this morning would be high for me. I do have to be grateful though that the pounds came on while enjoying the natural scenery and not someone’s day job on a screen.

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1 Response to Mountainous Munching

  1. Caleb Aldridge says:

    Oh yea, it’s definitely diet time. Ten pounds in four days!


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