Double Doors, Double Beds, Double Deals

Taken just before we left the room. We enjoyed hot showers and some carbs and sweets for breakfast. Today we will drive from Myrtle Beach to Charlotte; there we will have Schlotzsky’s for lunch. Then it’s a straight drive home. Caleb will pull over every couple of hours to stretch our legs and let the dogs out. This trip was not to be rushed and traffic and construction helped keep it that way. We will check on the cats we are watching on the way home. They doubled their weight in poop and were doing fine. Piggy is glad to be home in her own warm bed and Sparky talks to the squirrels while we check our email.

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1 Response to Double Doors, Double Beds, Double Deals

  1. Caleb Aldridge says:

    I wish there was a Schlotzsky’s closer to home. Their sandwiches are awesome.


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