Fort Sumter in a Day

Caleb is all about doing things for me. Such is the reason for this visit. In May 2009 my Dad suggested I get a Passport for National Parks. I’ve been crazy about them ever since. We woke up at 5:00am to arrive 30 minutes early for our 10:45am departure to the island. We have driven by on I-95 multiple times and even been to Charleston and the prior visit to Sullivan’s Island brought us three hours early. We were very excited to say the least. We may have been the 5th group on the ship, but the first people off, right behind the park ranger, was us, the over-anxious couple. There were plenty of children with parents who smoked and we wanted to get an unobstructed view of the ruins of the fort.

The park rangers allowed us to explore for an hour and we thought about paying one of the many boaters passing by to take us back later. We went up to the flags and down to the beach. We stood in front of the boat on the way there, but calmly let others take our place while we stood in the shade for the return trip. We had water and PBJs for lunch and gave the car some gas for the return trip. We would make it home by 5:00pm in time for more cake and ice cream.

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