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Things To Be Thankful For

In no particular order By: Jessica people who feed me the water delivery men Caleb’s pay check long hot showers constant A/C dog hair on marble floors  streets that don’t burn my feet cheap petrol learning Arabic living close to … Continue reading

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Weekend With Priya

Friday I’m only ten minutes late, at 7:40, picking Caleb up and grateful I showered. We gave Senior Chief Brown a ride home so he didn’t have to walk there with two weeks of dirty laundry over his shoulder. Caleb took the boat apart from … Continue reading

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Thai Tea Tiramisu

  Monday: Woke at 11 am and drove to Vibe Media, a company that helps boost brands through photography and film, around 2:30 and had some rum with the co-founder Ali M. Then the co-founder Hassan and friend Ali Q. went … Continue reading

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Pottery and Paneer

I dropped Caleb off and came home for a nap. I slept till 9:30, got dressed, and walked the dogs. I got to Carole’s at 10:30 (half an hour past our planned meeting time) and Lindy was already there, but Eloise would … Continue reading

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Surprise Birthday Lunch

I had plans for lunch with just Eloise and Carole, or so I thought. Eloise picked me up in her car at 11:45 and we picked up a new wife, Lindy, on base and drove to Lilou’s where Amy was … Continue reading

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