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Beauty and the Beast at the British Club

Caleb being at work hasn’t slowed me down from going out, but going to the British Club and hoping to get in without a member(ship) could have. I was going to see the matinee of Beauty and the Beast Pantomime … Continue reading

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The Trip of Five Sunsets

My mom called the other night asking about her Disney VHS (Vertical Helical Scan or Video Home System) tapes – a pre-90s relic. I reminded her that she had offered them to me almost three years ago, so she reminded me about … Continue reading

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Kismet Silhouette

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Magnetic United States

Some Americans travel to Disney World or the nearest relative for the holidays or for the weekend. Many websites claim that only 30% own a passport but when compared to Britain and Germany that get more vacation days perhaps the … Continue reading

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