Princess is Here

The same weekend I meet S’mores was when the Bahrain Marathon Relay was happening and Princess happened to be on a team visiting from Saudi to get some exercise, but not before hanging out with me. We met at Bennigan’s for dinner because she was staying in that hotel where I got to try a cinnamon apple margarita before going to Wembley Lounge (a first for me) where the drink service is like Señor Pacos but served individually instead of by the pitcher so our table was covered in wine (red and white), whiskey (mixed with soda or just ice), and other glasses of vodka and gin.

We made acquaintances with an outgoing Navy wife from Iowa and her shy Irish teacher friend, a couple of guys who liked drinking and diving (not sure in which order), and some other guys playing billiards but we never got the table because I was too busy eating free pizza from the guy singing the most karaoke before Princess ordered fish and chips and got an Uber. I walked home.

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