20% Done with Spring Semester 2019



before the shoes’ first game


When I’m not doing homework for one class it’s because I’m doing homework for another, driving to/from class, or taking care of my basic human needs (which sometimes doesn’t include a shower on the weekends).

I’m ok with this; it’s what I signed up for. I got to practice my golf swing with a 9 iron (for high loft and short distance) or from my pad of fake grass to over the softball fence. I succeeded in this about 10% of the time when my ball wasn’t going to the right or just short of the fence (but the heavier the ball the easier it was to move). I have to work on keeping my elbow straight on the swing, because when I do… I improve my par.



crossing campus, still parts under construction


Soccer has sadly been indoors (30 minutes on a spin bike) or canceled for an out-of-class assignment (watch and analysis half a match) due to the 2-3 inches of rain that San Diego has gotten recently, but double that further inland and the county should be over its annual average by the end of the month. Luckily, we had an amazing day of sunshine and I got to try on my new cleats/boots/soccer shoes and play right midfielder (position 7) which translates to a lot of running, and me learning to pass the ball back.

Anatomy is a lot to learn and I’m glad I had introductory classes/prior experience or I would be far behind in the amount of knowledge that our bodies hold (and that’s not diving into the brain), just all the bones, holes, and crevices that surround it. My first quiz was terrible, but my grades have been increasing since, so some of the information is sticking, which is good because I will need it as the semester continues as does my education moving forward.



testing the system


I have my first chemistry exam on Thursday over the first three chapters. I have lots of studying to do to memorize the metric prefixes, some chemical laws, and how to convert measurements. Then we get to dive into the elements of which we did an introduction to atomic theory today before going into the lab to separate a ternary mixture of sand, NaCl (salt), NH4Cl (ammonium chloride) and an unknown. I dumped the water/sand solution through the filter because I made the hole too big — this will give me something more to write about in my post-lab discussion.

Managerial accounting is still the easiest class but the calculus is a struggle as I spent three hours on homework and in the book (also online) but only got credit for 75 minutes. I had a lot of fun in kickboxing, but some people are there to not listen to the coach and get rid of anger. I don’t want to work with those individuals and they limit the learning opportunity for others.



cooking away NH4Cl at 1,004° F


Went to work today with an umbrella, my water bottle, and some writing assignments on my phone for the kids to do since they’re not allowed outside in the rain and puddles, nor would I want to be out there with the wind that’s over 20 mph. The boss thought ahead, since he’d be missing again this week, and decided that they would develop a workout plan to include 300 minutes of cardio weekly along with 90 minutes each of stretching and strength training.

He promised them pizza last week if they ran for 30 minutes and 17 students were able to do it, but without him here I didn’t worry about it… that is until the coach’s assistant came in and ordered two small pizzas for $30, without my boss or her boss’s authorization and then wanted me to pay her for it. I collected the kids’ assignment and the principal said the pizzas would be donated to the after-school program and that the school does not give food as a reward. I don’t like being caught in the middle of politics.



spilling the experiment — will affect results


I have a four-day weekend that will be spent doing homework to consist of a lab report, watching soccer, studying for my anatomy test and practical on Wednesday, doing math problems for calculus and chemistry, and hopefully finding time to go to the gym since I don’t know what their holiday hours will be. Caleb is working a varied schedule and keeping up with the housework and making omelets so that I can focus on my lessons.

I have more in common with the professors and the homeless people around campus than I do the majority of my classmates. I’m sure that’s a personality disorder on my part, but it’s where I’m at in my life. I’ve tried to call my dad but his phone goes straight to voicemail; so I’m not sure what the issue is there, but I can believe he’s busy too. Caleb’s dad recently added a compression fracture of the lower spine to his list of maladies, but seems to be up and moving around… something I do much less of these days while I sit through lectures and stare at my computer for hours.

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