For Sparky


1. It seems like it was just yesterday we brought you home in our hands.
You walked between my legs and grew as we explored the lands.

The years have gone by and your sight has too. I will miss sleeping next to you.
Your hair has turned white and your spirit, so bright, is going to the light.

I will carry you once again in my arms, so helpless and trusting, but this will be our last outing together as your journey is over and your brain is rusting.

You will be missed and I’ll see you in my dreams. I wish you all the peace that eternal rest brings. We’re never ready to let each other go, but it’s what I have to do at the end of your road.

Some times were sweet and others were sad, but you did your best to always have my back. Now I’ll return the favor as I savor all your young and old behavior.

I love you now more than I did then. We have so many memories that I can’t remember all of them, but that doesn’t mean that I’ll forget you.


2. Though many a tear I shall shed, I will be grateful for your little, old head. For over a decade we’ve shared a bed, and I deliver you to rest without lead.

You chewed on my things and peed on the furniture. You played ball for hours and chased all the squirrels as you bounced across mountains, snow or not.

So many toys, my clepto dog, but only my heart you take on this slog. Soon you’ll join Piggy at the bottom of the sea and I’ll think of eight cute feet swimming with me.


3. I’m losing my best friend and he doesn’t speak English; who’d have known if they hadn’t seen us.

Long walks together and candle light evenings, licking food off our faces and staring at the ceiling.

From bath to ocean, light park to dark lot, car seat to plane, there wasn’t a place we had to stay sane.

When I think of you I’ll say your name and remember all the reasons you gave me to love you the same.

Thanks for the smiles and the special voices, thanks for the shouts as you pissed on the couch.

Thanks for putting up with me, even when I made you bleed. Your teeth and nails were hard to clean.

A goodbye is what you need, not a see you later. The time has come that makes me feel like a patat’er.

You go on your merry way, don’t you suffer none for me. I’ll be fine on busted knee as your loss crushes me.

We all need love and I’ll give more to thee, that I can be a better person as life approaches me.


4. When you had a bump or a little rash, I was always willing to part with some cash.
Now your final day and my saving game is on, I’ll pass you off to someone else’s arm.

Not because I don’t care but I’m no longer strong enough to be there.

Where you’re going you won’t need food or love but I’ll continue to think of you. I’ll pack up your balls, coats, and beds too. I’ll grab your bones, collars, and leashes for who?

The crates and bowls and your animal collection will sit for a month before donation.
You’ll be long gone and I’ll be right here, buried in homework and miscellaneous gear.

The year will go by, there’s no stopping that, and it’s up to me to do more than a mat.


5. I ran out in the street for you, not worried about not wearing shoes. I didn’t bother to look both ways as I hurried to scoop you away.

I don’t want to lose you as a hit and run. I don’t want to come home to you passed out in the sun. I’d prefer you rest easy by having the safest fun.

You’re lost but you eat, you sleep the day away from me. I’d be selfish to keep you in your current state and hate myself for making you relish in your pain.

It’s time to say goodbye, the road was long enough. I know I’ll be ok because you taught me to be tough. You’ll get to rest, no more seizures shall you see, while I carry on filled with thoughts of thee.


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