To Lead or To Follow…

Q&A a Day: Are you a leader or a follower? Today I was a bit of both. I take the lead when I know what I’m doing, but I don’t want to blindly follow either.


sailors looking out to sea

I slept in this morning and joined the guys, Caleb already making cornmeal waffles with homemade strawberry syrup. I was still full from yesterday, so I had one to start the day.

We walked to 2 Wheels Cycling Boutique, 1.1 miles from the house, and only looked at their bikes over $5,000 and then lingered by the SD Bay National Wildlife Refuge for a bit before walking home.


salsa with a view

We drove to Salud! for lunch — fish and veggie tacos, beans and rice, chips and guacamole. We walked to Chicano Park and around the block and then drove to Balboa Park and explored a new corner — United Nations area (went inside Hungary and Ukraine) and saw the Automotive and Air & Space museums from the outside.


in the barrio

We got over 20,000 steps today and I was still full when we got home. Uncle Ed left around 5:30 to get back to his room in El Centro and we packed up for the gym — the one that closes early on Sunday, but luckily is open tomorrow.

I drop Caleb off at his gym across the street from the house and go home for a workout of my own. I enjoy a shower and a nice teeth brushing before he returns. I will catch up on my Spanish lessons and my book about the Wicked Witch of the West.


free Sunday concert at 2 pm

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