Basil Bedouin Beach


view from Oceanic

I have coffee just to help me out of bed at 5:30a after going to bed after 1am. I was told last night that I could snorkel at 7a after breakfast. Reading an old review, the price was 50Dh an hour and now they’re asking 150Dh. Downstairs, I’m told that snorkeling doesn’t start till 8a. I walked over to the office, but they have no signs on their door. The scene was beautiful though and I appreciated the walk on the beach.


I went to breakfast, though I wasn’t very hungry, it was included in the price of my room. I check out at 7a, not wanting to wait an hour for inshallah, in hopes that I’ll find another place to snorkel and continue on my trip – swing on the beach and go to Fujairah Fort and Museum. I’m about to leave Fujairah and stop at the marina in hopes of finding a snorkeling company.


Fujairah Museum


museum display


Fujairah Fort

The guy in the diving office tells me they only go out on weekends – and probably not in this heat – great. So another guy walks out of the office and invites me in for coffee. We talk – me about the Middle East and him wanting to go to the States and see what he’s read in the history books about the 13 colonies, etc. 


mosque in the making


when mountains and mosques disappear

I stayed at least 30 minutes and then some other guys came in with a new club membership. He gave me his card and told me I could bring my husband fishing anytime; that would be great if we lived closer. I drive from city with beach and buildings to road with mountains and tunnels to sand dunes blowing on the street.


when mountains erode and the wind blows

I stop at Al Showaib Restaurant for meat, paratha, and banana, with a strawberry basil seed drink for takeaway. I use my right hand to eat and my left to wipe sweat. I get to the Al Ain Museum and I’m passing out at 4:30 in their bedouin tent display outside. I find a room at Al Massa Hotel and take an hour nap before dinner at Paco’s in the Hilton.


Hili Archeological Park


Al Ain National Museum

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