Pottery and Paneer

inside A'ali Pottery

inside A’ali Pottery

I dropped Caleb off and came home for a nap. I slept till 9:30, got dressed, and walked the dogs. I got to Carole’s at 10:30 (half an hour past our planned meeting time) and Lindy was already there, but Eloise would not be coming. We got in Lindy’s car, after a tour of Carole’s new rugs, and drove to A’ali Pottery where one of the guys showed us around inside – the ceramic vs paint options. There are plenty. Outside we got to watch a guy create a small vase on a pottery wheel in the floor. Downstairs we watched a guy trim a hand he’s carving before driving two blocks to Delmon Pottery and parking in front of the black flags waving in the wind.

molding clay into art

molding clay into art

There is a larger selection available inside, more Hello Kitty and Spongebob, and a sign that says, “make and paint” which I want to do. The large kilns are outside and they have another building where they make their creations. Then it was off to lunch in a food plaza past Ramli Mall. We decided on Nu Asia, but they don’t open until noon – another 15 minutes, so we went to Healthy Bite Coffee Shop. There are protein powders lining the walls and large glass doors leading to a members’ only gym. I got a mocha latte smoothie and the girls got fruity ones. We chatted until my drink slurping was long over.

clay making materials

clay making materials

We crossed the street and sat upstairs near the window. I ordered the paneer burrito with tzatziki dip and mango pickle, masala fries with ketchup, and a sweet & sour apple drink. Lindy ordered chicken chow mien and we both helped Carole with her large plate of sushi. We got back to Carole’s between 2:30 and 3pm and Lindy needed to go to housing on base. I went to the Dragon Hotel to pick up the receipt for the last week we were there (almost two months ago) and Caleb was on his way home via bike. I met him at the intersection of the checkered towers and he was drenched in sweat.

man at work

man at work

Caleb went upstairs and I walked with Eloise back to her house with bike pump in hand so she could air up her tires. We talked for an hour and then I came home to dinner on the stove. I looked through Arabia Food & Travel magazine that I got while at the hotel. I thought there would be some great ideas in there – and the recipes are, but the $10k yacht rentals are still out of my budget.

my favorite piece in Delmon Pottery

my favorite piece in Delmon Pottery

Caleb washed the dogs, so I thought I would wash their blankets. I made the mistake of adding some of my clothes to the load. The washer wouldn’t drain and the dryer overheated. We had to ring the clothes out repeatedly and hang some stuff up to drip on the floor overnight. I would be up until midnight dealing with laundry while using that time to update my Couchsurfing profile.

Healthy Bites Coffee Shop

Healthy Bites Coffee Shop

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