Sunday Calories


A daisy a day keeps sanity at bay.

Took my bike on the Silver Strand Bikeway with the intention of going to the Ferry Landing in Coronado, but didn’t quite make it – okay I probably only went halfway. I rode through the small opening of the fence by the bathrooms of the park and pedaled my bike along the beach of the inlet and by the informational signs, the birds, and the jackrabbits. I stopped at the beach to collect shells. I got to watch the bay police pull over a jet ski driver for causing a wake in a swim zone. I had a runner pass me for the third time.


reflections on the bend

As I was walking back to my bike a lady asks, “Are those rubber boots that look like cowboy boots or are those real?” I smiled and told her they are real and she thought that was, “so cute.” I thanked her and told her to have a good day. I smiled the rest of the way home as I tried to keep up with a tandem couple in black pants and orange shirts in front of me. I only lost ground when I turned off the bike path to go home. I thank them for the little ‘kick in the butt’ so to speak to help me burn these Sunday calories.


cover a bit of the old with some of the new


looking inland


a step back in the same direction


It’s good luck to have a jackrabbit cross your path.


Standing there, with my boots on the sand.


just a midday stop

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