From Phoenix to Shoshone

London Bridge in Lake Havasu City

London Bridge in Lake Havasu City

Out of bed late this morning, hugged Caroline bye, and then had blackberries and strawberries with homemade granola. Caroline made it safely to work, but the tire pressure light came on. After we picked up the rental we drove by and I hung out in her office while my dad took the car around the corner to a tire shop. It was going to take longer than he could wait. There was a nail in the tire that Caroline was able to get fixed on her lunch break.

gate decorations to London Land

gate decorations to London Land

We went to lunch at Mi Pueblo. I had chips and salsa and a breakfast burrito. Then we went by Starbucks to get our caffeine fix. I tried the mocha cookie Frappuccino and I am stuffed full of food and sugar. We leave the Phoenix area at 1:30 pm and head west on the 72 towards Parker, AZ. We stopped in Lake Havasu City to see the London Bridge and the temperature is over 100 degrees. Someone had a lot of money to afford to transport this beautiful structure and reassemble it with all the original pieces – I’m glad they did.

catching the train

catching the train

We take exit 133 from Hwy 40 towards Goffs and stopped for some pictures of a train sitting on the tracks. We make it to Baker (town of the world’s largest thermometer) and have trouble getting gas. I tried my ‘broken’ card first and then my other, then my dad tried his and we both ended up inside – his worked, but not at the ATM. I called my other card company to let them know I would be traveling and it shouldn’t be an issue any more.

smooth road through Mojave National Preserve

smooth road through Mojave National Preserve

We arrive in Shoshone at the Inn at 8:30 pm. I grab towels from our room and we drive down to the natural springs-fed pool. There are two guys there enjoying the water after a long day of work and soon we are joined with bats flying overhead. The pool closes at 9:00 pm and we return to our obnoxiously loud air-conditioned room – so much so that the door is pressurized. We will turn it off before going to sleep. Dinner consists of kalamata olives, a boiled egg, three samosas, and two slices of whole grain bread with crunchy peanut butter. Sleep arrives at 11:00 pm.

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  2. Robyn says:

    Aw, this was an extremely good post.


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