I Shot the Target, but I also Shot Above the Line

.45 long colt revolver @ 15ft

As some people are settling in their pews for a nice rendition of Jesus Loves You, the husband and I have loaded the car full of guns, ammo, paper targets, and friends to shoot with. We drive to the Discount Gun Mart indoor range near Sea World and arrive just minutes before they open at 10:00 am. We hand over a driver’s license per lane and the employees make sure we have no shot guns, no hollow point ammo, and protection for our eyes and ears. We are on lanes 10 and 11.

I shot a .22 lever-action rifle, silent but deadly compared to the .223 rifle with a loud bang. I shot a .45 colt revolver and another gun with two different bullets – .38 special and .357 magnum. We spent 2.5 hours laughing, loading, and shooting. Our target ranged from 15-75 feet. We stood, sat, or squatted to help our bullets reach the X. I hadn’t shot a gun in over three years and never in a state with so many laws about guns and their cases and ammo. We decided to pack up, when we had more casings than bullets, and realized that the other lanes were full of people.

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1 Response to I Shot the Target, but I also Shot Above the Line

  1. Caleb says:

    That is my version of church


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