Happy Father’s Day

cinnamon raisin bagel with sausage, egg, mozzarella, and sauerkraut

It really should be renamed to Happy ‘man that disciplined you, gave you advice, made sure you had food and clothes, maybe took a fake sick day with you, took you to work, judged your friends, gave you something special’ Day! Father’s come in many forms and can be called by different names – Dad, Papa, Pops. On this day you should remember the man, or men – dad, uncle, grandpa that made a difference in your life, hopefully for the better, but remember that the way they raised you has made you who you are today. And if that is a free person – free to love, work, play than you turned out ok.

To the Fathers in my life:
Caleb – the love of my life and the daddy to my dogs, I love you.
John – the man who appreciates the woman, but didn’t want to raise the teen, thank you.
Barry – to the man who had to deal with me and Tiffany, I’m sorry.
Robert – you are an ol’ bucket of info, and you did great with your kids.
Grandpa – you tried your damnedest to fight your demons and raise my parent, congrats.
Jake – you have two amazingly beautiful and spoiled girls, watch out.
Trent and Tony – you have crazy taste in women, but make cute boys.
Eric – if your dad qualities are anything like your uncle qualities you will be fine.

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1 Response to Happy Father’s Day

  1. Dad says:

    someone once said about me “A veritable fountain of totally useless information ” I Love that ….


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