Winter in Florida…

…feels like Christmas in May. The nights can be chilly and the weekends threatened with rain but come noon it still feels like 80 degrees. My last trip up north was to try to find snow – I didn’t. I wasn’t able to go far enough north or west. I don’t mind the warm weather but I would appreciate it more if there was actually a cold season. I’m supposed to be bundled up in coats drinking hot chocolate. Instead I’m in my shorts in an apartment with the heat off because it’s 76 inside today. I know some day I will see snow again. Until then, I will continue to tend to my garden that still bears vegetables in December and drink Silk Nog (vegetarian version of eggnog).

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1 Response to Winter in Florida…

  1. Caleb says:

    When we get to California we can go to a ski lodge in Aspen during Christmas.


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