Bloody Pomegranate Breakfast

This morning started out a different way. Usually the alarm sounds, I turn it off and roll over, and then the dogs trample my kidneys until I get up; then I can take them out. This morning, the alarm was making noise, I turned it off, but couldn’t roll over because there was a dog pinning me down. Soon he would bark letting me know Caleb was home from work; now we could all get up. Caleb was on his way to Frisbee-golf and we went for a morning stroll.

The dogs ate while I showered and then I was hungry. I love buying fresh, non-packaged items, but sometimes packaged things can be eaten more quickly. I had gone to the fridge and had multiple fruit options and chose the pomegranate. Had I chosen any other fruit I would have filled my hunger quickly. 20 minutes later and I’m about to give up and eat something else but I can’t just leave it lying there, half done, so I take a picture instead.

I finish the job and notice I’m getting better at tearing this fruit apart for consumption. My first attempt years back left the kitchen splattered in fruit blood and it stains better than beets do. Half of the fruit is on the tiny cutting board, probably just for cheese, but I like it for individual fruits and veggies. In the green bowl are the seeds I have successfully detached and the other bowl has the skin for composting.

As I make more dirty dishes I realize it’s time to wash them and start the washer. I get a bowl of sticks (healthy cereal) ready to eat with my seeds and as earthy as this sounds I get soy-milk to moisturize the mixture instead of river water. Breakfast was waited for but well worth it. This fruit is liked and perhaps that’s because it comes ready-to-eat from the store, like most, we have yet to have the same luck with persimmons. New cookbooks equals new recipes equals new foods; this happened to be one of the many.

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