Procrastinating Time

A cricket once told me that I should post a photo-a-day and I agreed. I wanted to get my blog rolling and have done some 40 posts in six months. That is great on some level and I told the cricket I would start next year so that I would have an easier issue with time telling. Then I realized I was beginning to sound like Darth Vader* (named changed for security purposes) and decided to change that. So here I am.

Today’s picture is a block-clock someone got me while I lived in Germany; it was even made there. It can still tell time, but I prefer to look at it and think that I still have that extra minute, hour, day, week, or year needed to reach my next goal. I don’t think I’m too horrible with procrastinating though deadlines do determine desire sometimes, but perhaps that’s only with 14-pg group paper assignments done by yourself. It’s also another thing I am proud I accomplished.

I may not get a photo-a-day or a paragraph-a-day but I will enjoy the lessons learned along the way. Everyday is worth remembering, at least it should be, or why would humans have evolved to have so many of them? I am continually growing into someone who can appreciate the more mechanical, the more detailed, and the more natural way of living. I look forward to this project and the new perspective it will bring to what may seem mundane through daily routine.

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2 Responses to Procrastinating Time

  1. Karen says:

    Your Grama is telling time and it goes fast at my age.


  2. John Wise says:

    Chirp, Chirp – too cool.


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