The Daily Sojourn

sample video editing in Adobe After Effects CS5

Two days into working four different tutorials on and I am just as anxious as I am nervous about continuing. I enjoy learning more about photography and am becoming more aware of how using Adobe programs can help expand my abilities into the digital arts. Some of the introduction materials seem basic but for the person who is just starting out, they are really helpful. This is especially true with After Effects. As I get past the basic introductory stuff and get comfortable with the tutors voices, the scope of what is being explained becomes more interesting and the more I find myself anticipating the next steps.

At first sight upon opening programs such as After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, and Lightroom, the options can appear overwhelming. After watching the introduction to one tutorial, and then the next, I begin to realize that they are merely stepping-stones towards creating something that I am feeling inspired to work harder with to better learn this stuff called digital arts. I am learning the basics and some shortcuts now but I am starting to see that with practice, I might have a chance that these tools become as familiar as the one I use for brushing my teeth in the morning before leaving the house.

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