Kansas Keepsake Kid

October 5th

It all started in a small town in Minneapolis, Kansas on October 2, 1964. A child was born to the name of Sheila Darlene Clark. She was brought to a home at 708 Delia Ave where she was met by her four sisters: Anita Marie born Feb. 4, 1958, Janet Lynn born Apr. 15, 1959, Geraldine Kay born July 9, 1960, and Lois Elaine born Nov. 5, 1963. Her mother was Elaine Louise Baker Clark (1936-2004) and her father was Gerald Clinton Clark (1934-2001).

As she grew and lived at this home she learned many things: to share with sisters, how to ride a bike, and started school and began to make friends. At the age of eight, the family moved to the country where Sheila was able to learn about farming, raising cows, chickens, and pigs. She got to ride a bus to school and back home. Life seemed good until the day her mother and father divorced; what a change.

8th Grade

She was 12 when she moved back to town with her mother who had met a man named Virgil Sidders that would become her step-father and then move them to Delphos, KS. In the meantime, her father had married a woman named Joyce who became her step-mom. In 1980, Sheila would move back to Minneapolis, KS to start her freshman year in high school. She was a good kid and enjoying life with her friends: Sheila Baker, Mary Lutz, Vicki Dickerman, and Annette Giessert.

She learned to ride a unicycle, roller-skate, and loved to ride her bike. The freedom she had living in a small town was great, but it was time for a change in life. She went to live with her father again and had to move to Glasco, KS where she would stay until she graduated from high school May 22, 1983. She moved to Salina, KS to attend Brown Mackie College. After graduating there, she ventured into the Army Jan. 2, 1985 and left Kansas behind.

Senior at Glasco High School

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2 Responses to Kansas Keepsake Kid

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  2. Caleb says:

    I think it’s funny that Sheila Clark was friends with Sheila Baker. Alphabetical friends.


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