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Grasshoppers in Dakota

The car trunk is open again before we go downstairs to put our stuff in it. The trunk was open last night after dinner too but luckily nothing was missing. We go back inside the hotel to check the breakfast … Continue reading

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Dumb Ideas Are Our Territory

We both woke earlier than usual this morning as Dad had set his morning wake up call from Caroline the night before but we were up with our eyes adjusting to the lights before that. I’ll load half the stuff … Continue reading

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Hiking In the Hills

We choose this Wednesday to sleep in till 6am, like a bunch of loafers, but what I don’t know yet is Dad’s definition of a hike and that we would need the energy for the day of exploration ahead. I’ll … Continue reading

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Beartooth Summit

I wake Dad this morning by talking in my sleep and let Caleb know an hour later that I was busy learning about philosophy, ambiguity, and feelings; not sleeping in like he thought. I step outside, laden with our gear, … Continue reading

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Grand Springs and Views

The power goes out at 5am and Dad wakes up to keep breathing while I wonder what kind of “why did the chicken cross the road” dream I was running in. Dad gives going back to sleep a good half-hour … Continue reading

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