Peanut Butter Party

Q&A: Write down the name of someone you had a good conversation with recently.
Caleb — he took the week off, and Dad — always looking out for me.


art in the park

I pounced out of bed this morning ready to attack the day. I let the dog out and got in the car. I’m halfway to the gym when I can’t find my ID to get on base. I turn around, Caleb helps me look in all the wrong places, and I go back to the car — found it! I’m on my way back to the gym when Caleb says that he’ll join me. I turn around again. All this mess only cost us about 25 minutes.

I’m motivated as I walk in and can already hear Greg talking about sports. He’s excited to see Caleb with me in the gym which doesn’t happen often because of the gym hours and our work schedules – and because he talks so much and is willing to put his hand in your face to get your attention. We agree to leave early and will go to the other gym if this possibility arises again.

I bring up Halloween in San Diego and Caleb looks up Balboa Park (where there is a haunted trail for $25) and there is an event at the Del Mar Racetrack, but we decide to check out the Museum of Art Sculpture Court and Garden with Sparky. We park near the zoo and walk past our destination at first before turning around and finding the hidden entrance next to the indoor museum and their outdoor drink patio.


running across Cabrillo Bridge

I had been on the phone earlier looking for a dentist that would donate supplies to my school for the Candy Buyback Program and got a phone call telling me that the bags would be ready on Friday! Of course I agreed before checking my calendar, so Caleb might be picking them up, but I’m so excited that I will have something to give the kids for participating and donating their candy to deployed soldiers or a children’s hospital.

We look at art, watch people play in a wheelchair in the park, walk back to the car for water, then we’re off to the Cultural Center with little houses representing different countries — that are closed today. Along our journey, we get to watch some of the navy run in formation while singing about pain and other cadence tunes. We take a long loop back to our parking spot, get more water, and Sparky will sleep on the way home.

We had biscuits with gravy, sausage, and eggs this morning. I had another biscuit with mixed-nut butter in the afternoon. I had some almond butter in a paleo bite and spicy hummus with pita chips while at the neighbor’s house. Caleb will get creative in the kitchen and, while he’s baking this evenings vegetables, will make me a peanut butter drink concoction — good thing I have more than one flavor.

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