Life in Numbers

One can be lonely, but another one can be great. Numbers are historical, revolutionary, superstitious, economical, meaningful, mathematical, scientific, and graph-able. Some are small and others large; some are round and others not; some tell time or count the days; numbers are used in many ways. I am one child born to two parents who ate three meals a day. My parents split and I met four new people when I was five.

I got the ‘how many days I have left’ idea from my Dad. I suppose I will want to live to be 90 years old; the equivalent of 32, 850 days. As of New Year’s Eve, I’ve already used 9,248 days. In those days I have learned about what my elders learned in their old age. I’ve learned about the death tolls of wars fought to save this country. I’ve learned about big debts and great depressions, but I’ve also learned of one person creating an idea.

An idea that would change the world. I’ve learned to enjoy the things that numbers have brought me, but not to fully appreciate them. To count something is to better understand it; to measure it and use it more efficiently. Examples are: minutes on your phone when you have a set limit; the cash in your wallet when you’re on a budget; and the limited days Americans are given for vacation.

I wish now that I had more numbers of my own, but I will appreciate what I do have and use this as motivation to do better. As of last year I had…I had lots of things. I thought about counting them, but I just realized that I still have too much. I would prefer that my numbers be in accomplishments; some being: 35,210 blog words, 8,068 pictures kept (345 posted online), and 2, 570 miles rode to school to get a 3.72 GPA.

Looking at these numbers – size does matter…sometimes. If I can live to be 90 then I have 23,600 days left. I plan to fill them with accomplished numbers. Instead of the one husband I can count all the things we do together. Instead of the two cameras I can count all the pictures we take together. Instead of the two energetic dogs I can count all the miles we cover together. As I go through this year I hope to get rid of things that will not help me increase my life numbers.

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1 Response to Life in Numbers

  1. Caleb says:

    Well small numbers are good too. you being the #1 wife is pretty awesome to me.


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