Mom’s High School Friends


clockwise from top left: Mike, unknown, Vina Castil, unknown, Cindy, Roger Widick


Marie, and Bobby Philbrick


clockwise from top left: Sheila, Best wishes in the future. Remember all the good times at GHS. Good luck!! Friends always! Love Jen “83”

Sheila, Take life easy and enjoy it while you can. Make your last years in school good memories. Hope that you have good luck for your future. A friend, Tammy Wolf

Sheila — I’ve enjoyed going to school with you here at good ole GHS. Good luck in all you do! Try not to cause too much trouble at the disco. Friends, Sheila ’83

Sheila C., To a good friend and a nice classmate. It has been fun going to school with you. Always keep on striving for your goals — they’re all obtainable. Good luck in all that you pursue, I know that you’ll succeed! A friend always, Love, Chris “83”


Sheila, Para un recuerdo sincero solo basta la firma, Jorge Guamán, Bolivia 81
(For a sincere memory alone the signature is enough)

Sheila, to a sweet girl. It’s been great going through GHS with you. Good luck in your future. Keep in touch next year. Love, Paula Dillon, class of “83”

to Gerald & Joyce (mom’s parents) & Sheila, Terry D. Gre… (illegible), 83 Sr. year


written to Wanda Prater (mom’s stepsister): To a good friend, stay cool. Keep looking up in the world. Russ “81”

To a girl who I don’t know much about but I hope you have fun the rest of this years. Then you will of 1 year to go before you are on your own. Keep up the good work in school. Good luck to you in the future. Brad Wolfe “81”

Have fun in your 2 “long” remaining years. Keep Lois (sister) out of trouble and stay out of the bushes at break. Have fun & stay cool. Brett “81”


Kyle W. Kelly 1981 Junior
Wicked Wanda, To a nice girl and a fun person to be around. Good luck in everything you do. Friends, Kyle Kelly

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